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IMG Server

The website IMG server archives and processes images generated by JA-84P, JA-120PC, JA-160PC PIR-cameras. The JA-84P device is a component of an Intruder Alarm System produced by the JABLOTRON ALARMS a.s. company. The website allows only approved users to access stored images. A particular user only has access to images from his alarm system according to his unique user name and password. The image processing and archiving is subject to Jablotron's internal directives.

Creating an account

You have to create an account to access images. Click NEW ACCOUNT to create it.Fill in the information for your account. The required fields are marked in red. After agreeing to the terms you can finish the registration by clicking the Register button. Use a valid e-mail address for the Login. It is essential in case you forget your password. In such a case a password-renewing e-mail can be sent to you. If you enter a wrong password or the e-mail expires, renewing the password will not work and the account will be blocked.

Note: The login can not be changed later (unlike all other information like password, address, phone number etc).

Premises registration

You can register your premises in your account. Each premises has a unique registration code from the communicator used (GSM /LAN). Each premises has only one registrar (main user - usually the person who registered it). This registrar can:

    1. give access to other users who have an account (sharing premises),
    2. transfer the premises to a new registrar (e.g. from the installation company to the owner of the premises),
    3. delete devices from the IMGserver and enable a new registration (e.g. a new owner).


To enter a new premises click Add premises and enter the requested information.In the Registration code field enter the 14-character registration code, which can be found on a label on the communicator or on its package, or it can be found out using O-Link SW. Please enter the code including the dashes. (e.g. ABCDE-12345-WXYZ) Fill in the Premises name. This premises will be indicated in the list of premises under this name and the name also appears in the subject field of notification e-mails from the IMG server. The premises name can be changed later. It is also recommend to fill in the next fields as they allow easy premises identification in the future.Into Address enter the premises address.Enter E-mail for receiving notification e-mails with received images. It is possible to enter several e-mails separated by commas.

Transferring access rights or deleting premises

One premises can only be registered by one Registrar. If the Registrar is for example an installation company who transfers a finished security system to an owner, or there is now a new owner of a premises, then the access rights should be transferred to the new owner who becomes the Registrar.

Transferring access rights Premises /Edit /Transferring access rights , will transfer the premises to another user account. In this case images from the premises remain accessible.

If the owner of the premises changes and access to old images by a new registrar /user is unwanted, then the premises should be deleted first and then newly registered. In such a case all stored images are deleted . The same procedure should be applied if the communicator is replaced . This enables a new registration of the old communicator and all images are deleted from the IMG server.

Deleting the premises is possible via Premises /Delete . The communicator with the registration key is deleted from the registered devices including all stored images. A new registration is possible.

Sharing premises

It is possible to allow one or more users to browse images from a premises. These users will have full access to browsing images. Users in the sharing group can also rename the premises for themselves (this change does not affect the name of the premises for the registrar or other users in the sharing group). One premises can be shared with an unlimited number of other users. Users in the sharing group can not give access to sharing to any other users. Sharing can be removed by the registrar anytime.

Sending new images by e-mail

The IMG Server allows the sending of new images by e-mail. More than one e-mail address can be used for one premises. E-mail addresses are entered during the registration of a new premises. It is possible to add, remove or edit e-mail addresses using the Edit button for a selected premises When setting notifications by e-mail to the premises , it is possible to add one or more e-mail addresses or delete one or more. Users in the sharing group can not set e-mail notifications (must be done by the registrar).Images are sent sequentially as the server receives them. The e-mail is sent when there is no new image within a period of 60 seconds.

Number of days for storing the images on the server

It is possible to set a period for storing images on the IMG server. You can choose a period of 15, 30 or 60 days for storage. When the period expires the images are deleted from the server.

Password change

The access password can be changed in the Settings menu. To change the password you must enter the old password and then enter a new password twice.

Forgotten password

In the case of a forgotten password it is possible to have an e-mail sent with a link to a page where you can enter a new password. This link is valid for 24 hours. The e-mail is sent to the e-mail address entered when creating the account on the IMG server.

IP address configuration

The IMG server IP address where images are sent to must be set in the communicator (GSM /LAN). This IP address should be and it is set as a default value.

Settings for displaying images


Allows a quick choice of premises for browsing images.


Allows you to set a filter to only display images from one of the detectors installed in a premises, or to displayall images.

Images per page

Allows you to set the number of images on one page.


Disables the automatic refresh of images by the server.
Sets the time period (in seconds) for refreshing images by the server.


Pictures in a table including descriptions.
Pictures in a list
Text only
Identification texts in a table
Images only
Displays only images in a table (without descriptions)


The JA-84P Jablotron manual

The JA-82Y Jablotron manual

The JA-80Y Jablotron manual

The JA-80V Jablotron manual

The JA-80Q Jablotron manual

Explanations of terms


  • The account for access to images from a registered premises stored on the IMG server which is limited by a valid login and password.


  • your e-mail address
  • maximum length 128 characters
  • impossible to edit or change after the account has been created


  • length from 4 to a maximum of 128 characters for access to your account
  • it is possible to change it
  • it is not displayed at any place in the application (when entered only dots are displayed)
  • password can be renewed (a valid e-mail address must be entered as a login)


  • there is only one possible registrar
  • main user
  • the person who originally registered the premises or who has had the premises transferred to him
  • can transfer the access rights to the premises to another account /user
  • can set sharing the premises with another account /user


  • has created an account
  • can share an unlimited number of premises permitted by registrars
  • can rename a shared premises but can not make any other changes
  • can get premises by transfer from a registrar (and becomes the new registrar)

Registration code

  • a unique 14-character code e.g. AB9CD-12E34-WXYZ
  • it is not case-sensitive and dashes must be entered
  • the code can be found on a label on the communicator or on its package, or it can be found out using O-Link SW


  • A security system with an unlimited number of JA-84P detectors and a communicator (GSM /LAN) which transfers images to the IMG server using internet communication
  • It is possible to name it with up to 128 characters
  • the number of premises in one account is not limited